About Us

Our Journey!

Aleena Caterers was founded by Mr. Mohammed Fasiuddin in 2006 and has grown since then. As we grow, we never forget where we came from and what we are trying to achieve. Our loyal customers are big part of our success; that helped us at every step of our journey by providing us with continuous feedback. We will do whatever it takes to meet the demands of our customers and to improve our services.

We have remained true to our roots of promising to serve authentic quality food with the goodness of taste. Passion for success and earning respect in the industry drive us to deliver excellent service and great taste. We do not believe in making false claims instead we offer honest advice, excellent taste, and the best prices. It has been our policy to treat every client with the utmost integrity and the highest degree of professionalism. This is why Aleena Catering today is considered a trusted name in the industry

We pride ourselves on our excellent product range and efficient delivery of quality, hygienic, healthy halal poultry and meats to our customers. We assure you that you are on a satisfactory journey to the mouth-watering land of Aleena Caterers.

a table topped with bowls of food and sauces
a table topped with bowls of food and sauces

Why Us?

Aleena Caterers offers a fine selection of entree, main course dishes, and set meals and is well known throughout the area for its excellent service, quality food, tasteful elegance, and best price. Our recipe for success has always been to redefine tradition and create a sense of community with our food, continually offering more choices to our followers

Being healthy will never go out of style, and just because a party is thrown or a dinner is served does not mean we need to sacrifice our health or our enjoyment in the food. People can both eat nutritiously and enjoy what they are eating. Fresh focuses on food that is both good and good for you. We strive to satisfy each client and perfect every event that we cater. In addition, we only use the highest quality type of ingredients and the latest technology necessary to ensure the reliability of our food and services.

Our reputation rests on a steadfast pursuit of this policy in our catering business. We quote all parties individually, depending on the type of service, number of guests, and choice of cuisine. No matter what your budgetary needs are, the quality of our product is NOT price-dependent.

We have adopted traditional cooking methods to provide our customers with an excellent eating experience. We provide you with food with taste and elegance, contributing to making your dream event a success. We have an extensive menu and a range of set menus packages. We take pride in the quality of the services we provide, and we have a wide clientele who have always been pleased with our service.